State Budget
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The Pennsylvania State Senate will take up budget discussions Monday to finalize a state budget to put a spending plan in place. Wednesday night, the House narrowly passed a no-new-tax spending plan, which varies from the Senate version which passed in July. Since changes were made to the Senate's version, state senators must reconvene to vote on the House version. Gov. Tom Wolf previously said if a plan is not finalized by Sept. 15, a spending freeze could be in the cards. He said the state will be out of money to pay bills by Friday. Several senators' press teams said Thursday that the Senate will wait and reconvene Monday to discuss the latest version. Representatives for Sen. Pat Stefano and Sen. Wayne Langerholc said they are going to take the next few days to review the nearly 100-page House proposal and are setting up several meetings with stakeholders and other Republican members. "As Governor Wolf has said, a failure to complete the budget in a timely fashion and cover the $2.3 billion deficit jeopardizes funding across government" Abbott said the governor has taken steps to protect funding for local school districts ahead of a potential spending freeze. Abbott said more details will be released Friday.