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Volunteers from the American Red Cross are returning home after helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. Gene Grzeda returned home Sunday night after providing hot meals in Texas for two weeks. "A lot of rice, chicken and protein They were happy to see us." Grzeda said Wharton, a city south of Houston with about 9,000 people was where he saw the worst flood damage. "Of those 9,000 people about 65 percent of the homes were either destroyed or had serious flooding." Each day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. his team supplied meals. He said they fed 940 people in one day alone. "When the water started receding you got the mud the muck and the smell of mildew and mold, The people were trying to clean up. So to get a hot meal from the Red Cross, get a hug and get some sign of hope, that's what we provided." One moment he said he will always remember was helping a married couple get onto a boat from the roof of their home. "His wife was hanging onto the gutter of their home and the water was moving so fast, they almost lost her He then got down, broke some ribs and we were supplying first aid and food for him for the next few days. He was an individual I won't forget." Additional volunteers are headed to Texas as other volunteers are sent to Florida to assist with our response following Hurricane Irma.