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The Cleanup continues in Hyndman after a massive train derailment in August. Most residents near the crash site have been able to return home but not all of them. There are homes still fenced off and undergoing renovations after that fiery crash last month in Bedford County. "They're actually doing a really good job, They have two more cars to do. Once they get started, it doesn't take them very long." A train crash sent 32 rail cars off the tracks August 2nd igniting fires in some rail cars and a garage and forcing emergency officials to evacuate the town. "The rail cars they started packing up like, stacking up like dominoes, We kept hearing a great big boom so we came out of the house and the house on the corner looked like it was on fire." Families close to the crash site were forced out of their homes for days and weeks. Others have been gone for nearly two months now. "You gotta grin and bear with it,They'll be done soon and that's a plus." Spiker lives across the street and describes the sights and smells still there Sometimes it's like being on the farm." Kennell lives a few houses down and says he enjoys watching crews clean up what's left. But three family homes are still fenced off and under renovations. One of them belongs to Kennell's brother-in-law. "They don't know what they're going to do with it, They may tear it down." Kennell says they're working out their options. Many residents say though the cleanup continues, they're just happy no one was hurt and it's almost finished. "These guys are doing a good job I have to give them that." Rob Doolittle of CSX said state authorities expect restoration work to be complete within 30 to 60 days. "CSX continues to assist several families who have been displaced because their properties were impacted by the restoration and we'll continue to until they are safely returned to their homes."