Church Fire Update
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December of 2015, the time of a tragic fire at a Huntingdon County church. The building and hundreds of toys wrapped up ready to go to families in need just before the holidays, all destroyed. It's been nearly two years since the church at Salvation Army caught fire and today they started a 150-day project to rebuild. "When the fire department was gone, there was three inches of water in here and the ceiling was falling down, so this is what we have." For Salvation Army church goers in Huntingdon a fire in 2015 left the building unrecognizable. "That used to be a brick wall that held our cross." Pews once sat in here now in a room filled with charred walls and broken glass. "It completely gutted the whole inside of this chapel." Pieces of Christmas decorations are a reminder of a holiday turned tragic. "We lost all of our donations. We lost every toy, every piece of clothing. We didn't have anything left and we only had, like, five to seven days for our distribution and my wife was almost completely done. She had like two more families to fill her bags." But Captain Phillip Bender said the people of Huntingdon have been involved for generations and they made sure they got all new donations just in time. "We were able to get the gifts out and the clothing out and the food out on the 22nd of December so, nobody had a bad Christmas." Two years later he said generous donations and insurance money have allowed construction to begin for a brand new church. "So everything is going to come together. It will come together the money is there and it's going to be a wonderful blessing."