State Budget
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Governor Tom Wolf announced Today that the government has two weeks to end the stalemate over a budget. Governor Wolf said more payments will be delayed due to the lack of cash. The Governor said he believes leaders from the GOP majority of the house and senate are on board to reach a deal by October 1st. Even though, a number of state organizations are worried about where lawmakers are going to find the revenue to close the more than $2 billion budget gap. House Republicans want to raid what they term surpluses in 40 special state funds. Such as the recycling fund to come up with more than a billion dollars in new revenue. The head of the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority says that the money in the recycling account is already earmarked. Centre County Commissioner Chairman saying the budget negotiations are a moving target. "Seems to change day to day in terms of what is going to come to the floor of the senate and the house, so we're directing our staffs to operate normally, if anything happens, we'll communicate with them through the proper channels." The head of the local conservation district said that the house plan will mean a loss of jobs and set backs to programs like cleaning the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways. Which Penn States Dean of Agriculture says is showing remarkable progress. "A lot of recognition for the EPA and other states and what Penn State and the state of Pennsylvania commonwealth has done about better identifying the practices adopted by farmers." Another concern is the state of state funding for various programs including drug treatment where the costs are being increasing. "We have more individuals finding themselves eligible for medical assistance eligibility. We have more individuals that have been identified as needing help, showing a growing trend in the number of individuals who are eligible for medicaid and the number of individuals who are accessing medicaid dollars to fund their treatment services."