Child Safety
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Police say they revived two people this week in Centre County who they believed overdosed on heroin and it a happened in the same home where a 4-year-old child lives. That's a shocking information in the search warrant filed by State College police. It's all preliminary at this point as police obtain the warrant to not only continue their investigation but protect a 4-year-old. Police say this past Sunday they were called to a home off Joyce Drive in State College. Inside they say were two people intoxicated and passed out. One was a woman who was passed out for a half hour. A man nearby was laying on the floor. Both were hospitalized after ems personnel say they overdosed. Police found needles, a spoon and other drug paraphernalia in the house. Police learned a 4-year-old lived in the same house though the warrant doesn't say if the child was there when they found the couple. But the warrant specifies the police wanted to further search the home to remove any other items that could affect the safety of a child.