Federal Custody
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A National Guardsman who police said threatened to kill Vice President Mike Pence earlier this month was taken into federal custody Thursday after charges were withdrawn by Richland Township police. Officials said William Robert Dunbar of Berlin was taken into federal custody. He is charged under Title 18, United States Code, Section 817, for threats against the vice president. According to a criminal complaint Dunbar knowingly and willfully made a threat against the vice president on Sept. 8 while on military duty at the U.S. Army National Guard Training Center in Richland Township three days before he spoke at the anniversary of the Flight 93 ceremony in Shanksville. Three witnesses said they heard Dunbar state he would specifically kill the vice president. Officials said Dunbar initially denied making the statement then admitted to saying this would be the perfect opportunity to kidnap or kill the VP. Dunbar also is accused of saying he would kill the VP if paid a lot of money. Under federal law Dunbar will be fined or could be imprisoned for no more than five years, or both.