Drug Bust
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Police in Blair County brought in dozens of people Thursday on several drug charges. Altoona police said the drug sweep was the result of a year long investigation involving undercover agents. Police said this Attorney General's Office and Drug Task Force operation led to 35 arrest warrants Thursday As of noon Thursday. As of Thursday afternoon, 20 people were accounted for, three are in jail and the remaining individuals remain at large. Police said the charges involve several narcotics, including heroin cocaine, LSD, molly and prescription drugs. Altoona police Lt. Ben Jones said this not only gets some of these drugs off the streets, but also gives the people involved an opportunity to get themselves some help. The other benefit of these drug sweeps is that they help police solve many other crimes in Altoona. "We have car break-ins all the time We have burglaries and most of the people who are committing these crimes are addicted to drugs and out there trying to find things to steal to make money to support their drug habit."