White Supremacy Group
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Penn State officials have responded to a recruiting flyer from a white supremacist group that has been posted on a campus bulletin board this week. The group is called Identity Evropa and the flyers do not contain any specific threatening language. The same group also distributed flyers in the spring at Penn State and reportedly at several other universities across the country. Students feel the posters should be removed. "For me, it's just bad, very disheartening" The poster reads United Evropa and it has caught the attention of a Penn State football standout Marcus Allen. His tweet said So We just going to ignore this? The university responded by saying, Even though the flyer is designed to provoke anger and divisiveness we support free speech. The fact that people thought they could come to this school and post something knowing that nothing would happen shows the culture we have made at Penn State. Babalola has started an online petition that more than 600 students have signed. They have a right to be upset because people of color black people the idea of white supremacy comes with violence. The more that these flyers come up and the more people together the more we are going to see these incidents happen." Wiley said the university has a duty to stand up to them. University officials said students have the freedom to put up the flyers, but also the freedom to take them down. Penn State President Eric Barron has responded to the situation in the following letter, in part To be crystal clear white supremacy, or any other doctrine that elevates one group above another, has no place at Penn State and we strongly condemn language and actions that promote racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, violence, discrimination and other forms of hate.