Hazing Trial Update
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An update in the Beta Theta Pi hazing case as prosecutor's are heading to trial, but without re filing felony charges some charges were dismissed. "There were some errors of law. This is how we do it. We get a second shot and we're absolutely going to take it." Three weeks ago Today Centre County DA Stacy Parks Miller there was a possibility of re-filing criminal charges that were dropped against multiple defendants in the death of Timothy Piazza. "We are going to refile charges. We are goin to consider which ones manslaughter will be refiled certainly. That's just a no brainer." Each of the defendants are headed to trial on misdemeanor and summary counts. "As we said overlong this was overreaching with the nature of the charges and I think that's what the judge found here." That was a common theme amongst defense attorneys, that their clients had been over charged and Judge Sinclair ultimately agreed in dismissing the felony counts. The latest filing the da also requesting one trial for the remaining 15 defendants.