Meth Bust
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Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced on Monday criminal charges against 30 accused drug dealers in connection with the shipment and sale of $1.6 million in crystal methamphetamine in Jefferson, Clarion, Clearfield, Elk and Forest counties over the last year and a half. According to Shapiro the crystal meth was shipped to Jefferson County and the surrounding area through the U.S. mail from drug dealers in Arizona and California. It was then sold throughout North Central Pennsylvania by a network of 30 suspected drug dealers. The 35 pounds of crystal meth that was sold broken up into one fourth and one half gram doses, produced between 32,000 and 64,000 doses of the drug that was sold in the five counties. Larry Dean is accused of shipping most of the crystal meth into North Central Pennsylvania. Dean maintained residences in Mayport and Tucson Arizona. Dale Hanlin of Cooksburg is suspected of being a willing recipient and seller of the alleged crystal meth. Hanlin and other drug dealers charged today are accused of having a group of loosely connected dealers standing by to sell the drugs once they got to North Central Pennsylvania. Investigators said they used a series of controlled purchases, court-approved electronic surveillance package interceptions and other tactics to identify the suspected drug dealers involved. Shapiro said 22 people are in custody.