Sandusky Appeal Hearing
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A new twist in Jerry Sandusky's newest appeal hearing. As the original judge in this case has written a letter to the judge now overseeing the appeal process. We still do not know what, if any, impact it would have on Sandusky's bid to get a new trial. The letter is from judge John Cleland who presided over the Sandusky trial, to judge John Foradora who is overseeing Sandusky's post conviction relief act hearings better known as his latest court appeal. Late last year's Cleland suddenly and surprisingly recused himself from the case. The night before Sandusky's first preliminary hearing in December 2011, judge Cleland met with attorneys from both sides in his hotel room. Cleland said he was surprised to find out then Sandusky attorney Joe Amendola plan to waive the hearing. Sandusky's current attorney raise ethics questions about the judges meeting and why the hearing was not held. We have a right to a preliminary hearing. It is a vital right. If it was a defense attorney, the opportunity, to, get the testimony under oath, to prepare for trial, things of that nature. In his new letter judge Cleland disputes the appeal arguments made by Sandusky's attorneys disputes what he believes to be stemming from that hotel meeting. Cleland said quote " Defendants counsel had made inaccurate or misleading proposed findings of fact." He says the letter is written in accordance with the advice of the states Judicial Ethics Committee.