PSU State Budget Concerns
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Penn State President Eric Barron said Tuesday the financial stalemate regarding the states budget could have a big impact on the university funding. "One of the hallmarks of our partnership has been an annual state appropriation that is approximately $250 million. As a direct result of this state funding, Penn State offers more than $570 million in tuition savings to nearly 55,000 Pennsylvania resident students." Barron said that funding may be in jeopardy. "Our state's leaders continue to negotiate how best to raise enough revenue to fund the Commonwealth's operations, but there is a fundamental question regarding whether the state has enough revenue to fund Pennsylvania's public institutions of higher education, including Penn State. This puts the in state tuition rate in jeopardy, and it would compromise our ability to conduct the research, extension education and health services that are vital to our citizens." Barron is urging the state's residents to contact their state legislators and encourage them to finish the state budget and fund Penn State.