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President Trump is taking on the NFL for a fourth straight day on Twitter. Trump said the only way out for them is to set a rule that you can't kneel during our National Anthem. Last night, Dallas Cowboys owner took a knee with this team before the National Anthem. They then stood for the song itself. Fans across the country remain divided. Meanwhile we had James Franklin's thoughts. Coach Franklin says he has strong feelings about the issue at hand, but he is trying to keep his personal feelings out of it. And also keep his attention on what matters to him right now and that is the Indiana game. He did make a bold statement to say he is proud of the way his players have spoken up. It is an issue that began last year with Colin Kaepernick and he made an effort then to speak with his team about social injustice and how they individually choose to express their feelings among those discussions he says the differences of his team and the people in America are what make this country special. "I do have strong feelings as united states citizen. I do have strong feelings is a college football coach. And I have very strong feelings as an African American. I love how our guys are handling it. How we are able to have a good discussion as a family. There are guys that are voicing opinions, you know, with her teammates, face to face. There's guys voicing their opinions socially, it is what's so great about this country. People have the ability to express themselves." And one of Franklin's players he highlighted Today was Lamont Wade who has been making statements both on Youtube and Twitter. Like he said, he told his team he is proud of them and proud of Lamont Wade for not just reacting emotionally but taking time to think about what they're going to say and for making that decision. With that, he said overall he is really proud of the way his team has handled all of this conversation.