Mcnally Bridge Comments
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A Johnstown woman who said her son nearly committed suicide two years ago is calling for the resignation of Greater Johnstown School Board President Cyndi Ahlborn over her recent insensitive comments about suicide on Facebook. Johanna Boratko, who has two sons in the high school, organized an online petition Tuesday. More than 800 people had signed the petition by Friday afternoon and Boratko expects that number to climb to 1,500 by Sunday. "I organized the petition mainly because of the comments that Ahlborn put on Facebook, joking around about suicide, when I'm the mother of a child who almost committed suicide over the bullying two years ago. The board and that tried to have me arrested and do 30 days in jail, six months of probation and a $300 fine for just speaking my mind. Now, I have the petition to help other children and to help parents." Boratko said she and others plan to present the signed petition to the school board at its Tuesday meeting and demand Ahlborn's immediate resignation. "A lot of people said she should have been fired when it happened, A lot of people said she should resign from school board." Ahlborn made the controversial post about the McNally Bridge a week ago on Facebook, where she appeared to mock suicide after a woman recently jumped to her death off the bridge in Richland Township. "So I drove past McNally Bridge and I was wondering with the extra 10 foot of fence that they would put on that if we could get like a higher degree of difficulty on the jump on the way down like you could get at least two more somersaults and maybe a flip in." Ahlborn apologized for the statement this past week, as did the school district. "She thinks she was joking and it wasn't a joking matter.When you put something on Facebook and social media, it's there for everybody to see. When she's holding a government job and working with children, you can't do that."