Sexual Assault in VA Home
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and a resident has now been named and criminally charged. Robert Valentine, 78, faces indecent assault and harassment charges after Allegheny Township police said he sexually assaulted a fellow resident in her room. Earlier this year, the home suspended 39 employees for talking about the assaults, union representatives said in March. Health Department documents said little was done to prevent it from happening again. The department's patient inspection results do not name the residents involved directly. and refer to them as Resident 1 and 2. The report follows Resident 2 repeated sexual behavior toward Resident 1, whom he touched inappropriately more than once. In August, the report says Resident 1 one yelled and called for help from her nurse aide. When the aide arrived in her room, she caught Resident 2 sexually assaulting her. The report said she was scared, and very upset, and was bleeding from him cutting her with his fingernails. The same incident description is in Valentine's criminal affidavit. As of Wednesday morning, his preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled.