Local VA Sexual Assault Update
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A Hollidaysburg VA home resident is facing criminal charges more than a year after police say he assaulted another resident. Today police have confirmed new complications they say may affect the case. The police confirmed tonight that the suspect, 78-year-old Robert Valentine has dementia. They describe the condition as a group of symptoms that affects the brain. A person may not be able to think well and their personality may change. They may also lose the ability to control emotions. Valentine faces indecent assault and harassment charges after he assaulted a resident in her room. Records from earlier this year said he exhibited sexual behavior towards her more than once. The police chief said his condition will affect the case, but he directed all other questions to the D.A. Office and they have not returned our calls. The Veterans Affairs Communication Director released a statement saying that the department now has tighter administrative measures and has re educated staff on policies. Valentine has not been arrested yet and his preliminary hearing will not be scheduled until he is arraigned.