Vietnam Wall
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At Penn State a time of remembrance and reflection with the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall in town. Among the visitors Friday a group of high school students eager to learn about a time in history some older generations would rather forget. From the Altoona High School on Friday group of students taking a trip back in time. "We are here to learn about people who fought in it and all the people who gave their lives for America today." Most of the students admitting they know very little about what happened in Vietnam. "Not really. I know I had a couple of family members served in a couple of lessons in school but other than that I don't really know much about the Vietnam war." Also here Navy Veteran Paul Johnson. Almost 50 years ago he was just out of high school 18 years old on a navy cruiser landing in Vietnam on Christmas day, 1968. "For someone who has never been out of their community from a small town like Altoona, it was kind of an amazing thing to be on the other side of the world. And also, to be in a war." Johnson talking to the younger generation firsthand about war and coming home afterwards. "It took 50 years to get to this point, and that's very sad, but at the same time, we are very glad, because the silence is over and now we can talk about it." The names of those killed in Vietnam and their stories, life lessons for the students. "I find it very interesting. I think it's a shame they weren't honored when they came home after everything they had done for us." Johnson who is now a Pastor is thankful that a vital tradition for our country continues. "To understand that right now Today I am no longer the one that protects, I am protected by the ones who are serving now, and we should never ever forget it."