Columbus Chapel
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A small structure in a Center County village is thought to be the home of some of the great explorers most important artifacts. In Boalsburg on the grounds of Boal Mansion is a small stone building of Columbus Chapel. Monday is the annual Columbus Day service. "It's been growing in popularity so in addition to today's mass, on Saturday we had a priest who was ordained in here and then in conjunction with our fair yesterday, renaissance fair we actually did an old English medieval era mass." The chapel and artifacts end up in the Boalsburg when a member of the family ended up married to one of Christopher Columbus ancestors. The chapel is packed with artifacts dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The desk was said to be used by Columbus himself. Also more than 165,000 pages of Columbus family documents. The oldest is dated 1451. In recent years there's been a renewed effort to study the property and chapel by historians nationwide. "As we are doing to various investigations, this may indeed be the oldest chapel in the United States, or at least one of the oldest."