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Big changes could be coming to the State College Area School District. A proposal to extend and change school times has been discussed for several months now. The school board says the current schedules has elementary school students rushing through their courses to fit all of their classes in while middle school and high school students are waking up too early to start their day, and the board hopes this proposal will change that. Under the proposal the Elementary school day would start at 8:10 Am ended at 3:00 Pm. Middle and High school would start at 8:40 am in and around 3:40. This means the Elementary school day could be extended by 54 minutes. And the Middle and High school day would stay the same total amount of time, just shift later in the day. Ideally the district wanted all schools to start at the same time, but they say the district cannot run all of the routes simultaneously without significant cost increases. Morning pick up and afternoon drop-off times would have to shift with these new time schedules. Since this proposal was first introduced most teachers support the change. Elementary teachers say they can use the extra time to get stuff done. "I can tell you right now in the classroom I'm not getting done what I need to do, on a daily basis, especially with my third thru fifth graders, we are always rushing and the kids want more art time."