Cancer Free
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A Shade Central student who was battling cancer is now cancer free. To celebrate, her classmates and teachers surprise her with a massive celebration this morning. A very warm welcome, back to school, for 15- year-old Jossalyn Purdy. Or to her friends she is just known as Bree. She was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. It is heartbreaking. Her mother Mary says doctors found a tumor in her foot back in June. "It is less than one in a million chance of a child will get it." Jossalyn tells me she normally spends her summers outdoors. She also practices for the marching band. But this past summer, it was mostly spent inside of the hospital and getting a handful of surgeries. A difficult time for her. "It has been a struggle. But she has proven that she can conquer. She is definitely strong." After months of holding onto hope, she heard good news last Thursday, that she is cancer free. Today is her first day back at school. Her classmates and teachers piled into the Shade Central City high school gym to surprise her. "It is overwhelming." They had tears, signs and many hugs. They say they are happy to have her back. "It is great to see that everyone can support someone through anything they're going through. Even at this small school." "The whole school rallied around Jossalyn, they have truly missed her and are excited to have her back. Even though her cancer is prone to coming back she says she is staying strong. "I'm not going to give up on anything ever."