Mosey Trial
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An Altoona man facing criminal charges, including homicide while DUI in connection with a fatal 2015 crash that killed a woman and her unborn daughter was scheduled to be in court Tuesday morning. But Terrance Mosey reached a plea agreement before his trial was set to begin and was sentenced to three to six years in prison. Police said he crashed his car killing Brandy Boyd and her unborn child Laura Lynn in May 2015 in the Juniata section of the city. Mosey must pay fines totaling $1,600, serve 50 hours of community service and plant a tree in memory of the woman and her unborn daughter. Mosey also is required to address the public and raise awareness about the risks of drinking and driving. Mosey addressed the family of the woman crying and was very emotional. He said how sorry he was and told her family members they didn't have to forgive him. But Boyd's mom got up and said "I know you didn't want this to happen. I know how sorry you are. We forgive you." Mosey's defense attorney says he's impressed by the maturity displayed by both the Moseys and the Boyds in court. "I thought that was a very classy response from a a very warm and loving mother and a grandmother of Laura Lynn. And I was impressed with her compassion and feeling toward the defendant in this case, and it was reciprocated by my client." The judge also granted Mosey's request to hug his mom and fiancee before being put in handcuffs.