Pa. Secretary of State Cortez Resigns
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Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortez resigned Today. He was an essential figure in the recently revealed attempt by Russians to hack into the states election systems last year. Just a month from another election there are still questions if what happened last year will have an impact this year. Just last month a Federal Department of Homeland Security confirmed Pennsylvania was one of 21 States targeted by Russian hackers. County and State election administrators put on an alert last year. "Department of State Bureau of Elections was in constant contact with all Counties and advising of all the security measures and what was taking place. As well as notifying our I.T. People for our security systems." The potential hackers weren't attempting to get into voting machines. "Those systems are not connected in any way to the internet or webpage. It's my understanding the hacking was trying to get into the voter database to secure obscure the records." The attempt hack into information was unsuccessful. Security measures were sufficient. As a result is been no change in voting or tabulation procedures for next months general election. Center County has just under 108 thousand registered voters, down from an all time high of 123 thousand. Election day is November 7th.