Action Sports Park
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A new Action Sports Park could be coming to State College as part of a capital improvement plan. Tonight, the committee is seeking public input about where exactly the park should go. Back in July, borough council past the capital improvements plan and that included the plans for the new Action Skate Park. That didn't settle well with all of the members of the community. Some are going to be here tonight. They were considering Orchard Park in State College but many living in the development close by say they are upset a portion would be paved. Some say they see it as an opportunity to bring something new to the community. The only skate park in the area is in Boalsburg at Tussey Mountain and it is not free to use. People that use the facilities say it would be more convenient to have a park that is free to use and closer to downtown. State College police told us bringing a skate park to the area would encourage residents and students to skate illegally since it's illegal to skate on the streets and sidewalks. "It's a hazard to the skateboarder and the general public. That's the main reason it's band from the borough and specifically the downtown area."