Stormwater Protection
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In Centre Country after major flooding a year ago, a stormwater protection project is complete thank to a grant. You may remember that less than one year ago severe storms affected the areas all over Centre County. Now those areas that were hard hit with heavy rain and causing massive flooding. Now, the same areas have emergency water shed protection. The county was awarded with more than $180,000 to fund the weather protection project. This week, the projects have officially been completed. These photos given to us were by the County Commissioners office showing what the areas look like now. The Commissioner says that the work done was crucial. "We want to make sure that all homeowners and all residence have safe properties. If we do see high rainfall, that they're able to stay in their homes or evacuate as necessary. These projects just make us a little bit safer here in Centre County." Commissioner Pipe also said that at a time like this, it's great to look back, pause and reflect on all of the excellent work that has been done.