Police Calling it an Intentional Shooting
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State College police continue to investigate what they say was an intentional shooting of a 13 year old boy Friday night. We're told the victim is home from the hospital but still has a long recovery. The superintendent is calling this a sad event that's affecting the entire community. Tonight, the district is looking into security and helping the victim, Jason Anderson. In order to be clear the incident didn't happen on school property. According to the police, it happened here on the 200 block of South Frazier Street near the post office. Police say many witnesses identified the suspect as a 14 year old boy. He and the victim are both state college area school district students. Officials believe the attack was intentional and related to a prior fight between the two teens. Police say they arrested the 14 year old and took him to Centre County's youth center where he faces a number of charges. I talked to State College Area School District Superintendent today about the next steps for the school district. "Events I shared with you, we're going to increase security there, both from a the police presence, but also in our administrative presence. In regard to our district overall, the conversations happening in buildings will feed into what we do with our all hazards planning." And Tonight, a gofundme page for the victim Jason Anderson has already reached $21,000 of the $25,000 goal. The Centre Daily Times talked to the family and learned that Anderson's one eye was saved but has completely lost vision in one eye. Anderson was released from the hospital on Sunday. This week they have counselors throughout the district and teachers on hand with students and they say there will be an increased police security for future events.