Interstate Exchange Funding
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A new effort in Centre County to revive plans for a road construction project on the drawing board for nearly two decades, Penndot admits state wide it is near the top of the priority list. North of Bellefonte is one end of Interstate 99 at the intersection with Interstate 80. Work on a better access between the roadways, termed high speed interchanges to link the interstates has been talked about sense the 1990s. "We are at a tipping point for investment with the interchange. We know that if this project doesn't advance in the near term they will have to put a significant investment into that area to bring it up to an acceptable standard." In 2007 after planning stages were completed for the I-80,I-99 interchange, attempts to secure funding for the estimated $186 million dollar project came to a dead end. There is a new opportunity, a Federal Transit Program could award up to $45 million, it will review one road project from each state, for Pennsylvania it will be the interchange. "Penndot can submit an application, one, and they are choosing this project. So, like you said, if we get that $45 million, Penndot will likely come behind with funding." If it doesn't move forward, at least $50 million dollars will be needed to upgrade the roadways that serve the interchange area.