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The Penn State football team is ranked number two in the country, preparing to host Michigan this weekend, and students are already camping out outside Beaver Stadium to get the best seats possible. The students here at Nittanyville say they are game ready, as penn state prepares to face off Big 10 rival Michigan. You can see around me that a lot of tents are already set up and there is an estimated 934 students here on site right now with the big game coming this weekend, head coach Franklin is calling for a white out game. No matter if you are attending or somewhere else in happy valley, he is calling for white everything. This crowd outside of the stadium is almost as big as it was in 2012 for the Ohio State game. I talk with one freshman in the front row who says this week long camp out is for some of the best times of their college career. "It is just really, increases all the hype for the game, you get close to the front, get to see the players maybe." This is her second time camping out, and since we have been here on site we have seen more and more students coming in with their bags and snacks.