Judge Denies New Trial
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Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has lost another bid to get his child sex abuse conviction overturned. Judge John Foradora denied Sandusky's latest request for a new trial on Sandusky's Post Conviction Relief Act appeal Wednesday. Foradora's decision comes after several hearings in Sandusky's latest appeal process. Foradora decided it wasn't enough to overturn the 2012 conviction and ruled that Sandusky is not entitled to a new trial. During the hearings, Sandusky's attorney Alexander Lindsay tried to prove that Sandusky's original trial counsel did a poor job, along with poking holes in the prosecution's narrative that convicted Sandusky on more than 40 counts of child sex abuse. "Today, the Court denied Jerry Sandusky relief under the Post Conviction Relief Act. We achieved justice for the victims in this case and are confident that these convictions will continue to stand, Hopefully, today's decision will allow the victims of Mr. Sandusky to live their lives knowing that this serial sexual abuser will remain behind bars."