Habitat for Humanity house
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State College Area students are drafting up blueprints to build a real house as a part of a project with Habitat for Humanity house. On Wednesday students had a presentation to show off their ideas. While many students take part indifferent community service events, a couple of high school students have decided to literally build a house for a family in need. What better way to build up your resume than to build a real home. Students in the Career and Technical Center have been creating design drawings for a Humanity House in Bellefonte. "I'm so excited because this is such a cool opportunity and we're actually going to build a house, you know. We've been designing floor plans and now it's actually going to happen." The design teams gave presentations Wednesday to members of the Habitat for Humanity board and the Penn State Housing and Research Center. After going over the designs, members stepped in to give some feedback. Next the students will use the results to create a new and improved design drawing. Students mapped out three different components for the project,mechanical electrical and plumbing. Drafting and design teacher Chip Crawford says he's excited to do something that's never been done before. "This feels incredible to lead these students. I'm a state college graduate myself and I never thought we would have this opportunity to bring something to life." The goal is for the students to refine all of their points into a final design by the end of the semester. Then they hope to start construction in the spring of 2018.