Richard Spencer
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White Nationalist Richard Spencer has made headlines recently and also here in State College, he was making plans to speak at Penn State in August. But the university turned him away. Now, the university is facing a lawsuit for that decision. The university is being sued by somebody who does not even go to Penn State, a Georgia University student who has been helping Spencer plan tours across the country. The lawsuit says that Cameron Padgett had requested to rent space from Penn State, like a conference room, or a lecture hall, but Penn State president denied the request over concerns that Spencer's talk would result in disruption and violence. Spencer who advocates "White Supremacy" has forced campuses to take huge security precautions. As we've seen with the University of Florida. And that's why Penn State students we've talked to say that his decision is justified. Even though Padgett says that free speech rights were violated. But there's always been controversy over free speech at the university. Just a few weeks after Spencer was denied, the white supremacy group called Identify Europa plastered recruitment, such as these fliers across campus. Students say they were outraged by the university's response. President Barron says since it's free speech, there is nothing he could do about them. Students started a petition to begin banning the poster, they go against what Penn State stands for, and they feel threatened buy the message. In response, Barron says since there's a right to put them up, there's a right to take them back down. The university told us that they had no comment on the lawsuit.