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Over 1000 Penn State students have camped out outside Beaver Stadium to snag the best seats for Saturdays big game. We are just hours away from game day. Fans have been flooding into Happy Valley. We are just outside Beaver Stadium, there is a lot of excitement. It has been going strong all week, as you know the most dedicated fans are living right here. Joining me is a camper that's been here all week, Fin your a sophomore here why do you do this. "We do this for fun to show school spirit. We been here since Monday night. It's dedication. Every night there's something exciting going on." I heard you had some excitement last night. The Blue Band and the cheerleaders were here. "They just showed up and they marched down, the football players were here passing out food. It was pretty awesome. We were just sitting around. And James Franklin walked up and started asking us how we were doing and if we were having fun so it was pretty awesome." I'm sure you're very excited to be closed to the action. "Yes, it's really exciting. Especially when the Nittany Lion comes out, pretty much everything happens". For the fans coming in Tomorrow, just remember that Coach Franklin said this is a complete white out game.