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Hundreds of colleges and students across the nation are signing a letter urging congress to protect young immigrants that were brought to the U.S. Illegally as children. Penn State, University of Pittsburgh and Juniata College, are among the hundreds of schools on that list. The 18 page letter calls on Congress to protect people that have been brought in to the country illegally as children as known as the dreamers. It starts by saying there's a wide spread effort to keep these people here. It remains in America's best interest to enable them to use their knowledge, skill and energy to make the strongest possible contributions to this country. President Eric Barron drafted his own letter in September saying that "Every student at the university has earned the right to be here based on their academic talent and hard work. Those values also reflected in a letter to congress saying that colleges and universities have seen them up close and in classrooms as the colleagues and friends. Despite the challenges they face, they have made incredible contributions to our country and it's economy and security. They should continue to be able to do so. If we are unable to protect these dreamers we will be shutting the door to an entire generation of individuals who seek to contribute their best to America." "It's unreasonable as well as in- humane to think about doing that to people, we feel that is a big issue in the way that immigration has been treated as an issue by this government, and to the American way of life."