Delta Program
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An election debate hosted by a group of people not old enough to vote themselves student from the State College Area School District from the Delta Program got a chance to ask local candidates about their stance on a variety of issues. On Monday, the Delta Program hosted a debate for the State College mayor candidates the students worked together to generate questions for the candidates. "I think it's awesome. It's an opportunity that not a lot of people will get especially at my age and it's such a small school I think it's amazing that they wanted to come here." All three candidates attended and included all of Delta's middle and high school students. The students ask them the same questions and gave them a minute each to answer. Though most are not old enough to vote, the students still have a say in concern that is they want to address. "Do you still feel like having the candidates come to debate the issues is a good opportunity for them to hear about what the local issues are and start to understand how the government plays a role in their everyday lives." The students came up with the 10 best questions to ask after everyone submitted their ideas after the event, they took the initiative to talk to the candidates one on one. The candidates were impressed with the questions that the students came up with. "I love that they can really think about the issues that are happening in their local communities. I think sometimes they can blow us away and we don't even expect it or realize it."