Abortion Protest
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On Wednesday posters for anti abortion sparked controversy on Penn State's campus. Road Trip for Life a campaign hosted by Created Equal, is stopping at 18 schools on the east coast to discuss abortion. Organizers say pictures are a powerful way to send a message and hope it encourages people on both sides of the topic to ask questions. But others on campus say the approach is not appropriate. Emma Mysko Field Assistant for Created Equal said having a visual display can make a strong impact and lead to an open discussion. "If we're going to come to some sort of conclusion, it needs to be done by having peaceful, civil dialogue." Leslie Sotomayor said she found the images disturbing, and violent. "I do not feel like anyone wants to have a conversation with me when I encounter images like this. I feel like I am being ambushed." Near the posters, students gathered with their own signs protesting the campaign.