Judge Lunsford
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A new decision from a state court may bring a retired Center County judge back in court to testify. It involves a controversy over text messages between him and prosecutors that led to allegations of misconduct in the courtroom. The new decision is from the state superior court. It's from a case that has been in the Centre County court system for several years. Judge Bradley Lunsford now retired was the original judge in the case. The defense raised objections on whether Lunsford was partial to prosecutors, along with producing records of texts between Lunsford's phone and prosecutors during the original four day trial. Lunsford has fought any attempts to have himself testify about the messages, and the phones that were used were county owned, but once they were turned in they had been wiped clean of any messages. The superior court acknowledges the reality that the messages may not exist, but they disagree with Lunsfords objections.