Lions vs. Buckeyes
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The Penn State football team is preparing for another big match up with Ohio State this weekend. Last year the Lions upset the Buckeyes which led to riots downtown. Now what the police and community members expect this time. The game is different and the police say this weekend could be some is of the busiest days of the year. Now, that's taking two things in to account. Last year after Penn State beat Ohio State, Penn State fans took to the streets of downtown rioting in the streets. It turned violent and reckless and put several students in severe legal trouble. Street lights and road signs were torn down. Glass windows were smashed and people were hurt. Local police and state police made several arrests after the game. This year we're going to be on high alert police say, treating this as a home game. Plus, it's Halloween weekend and the county patrols have extra officers on duty. You can expect more state troopers to be present through the downtown also, another important thing to know is police say that they will have extra DUI checkpoints spread thru out Centre County.