Greek Life Troubles
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Two Penn State University fraternities lost their recognition on Saturday after what the university called several violations of university rules. Delta Upsilon lost its recognition until the end of the spring semester and Lambda Phi lost its recognition until the end of the 2019 spring semester. According to the university this means both frats lost their recognition as a student organization, meaning they can't participate in Greek life activities and can't participate in events like homecoming and fundraising event THON. The Delta Upsilon chapter is in trouble for organizing socials involving alcohol and underage drinking twice in a three week period. Also according to the university Pi Lambda Phi broke the rules by making alcohol available during social events. The Penn State Vice President for Student Affairs put out this statement "Unfortunately, these men had the opportunity to do the right thing when the University made abundantly clear what its expectations were and what the consequences for failing those expectations would be. The point of everything we are doing in this domain is to establish a safe viable, and successful Greek system that can be sustained for many years to come. The misbehavior of these chapters demonstrates very little regard for the trouble alcohol can bring. I am disappointed by this outcome, but effective accountability must be achieved."