Toll Brothers
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We are taking an in depth look at a story we have been following for months. A group plans to build that plans to build on Penn State property, but those who live nearby say not in my backyard. Now those opposing the project say they feel their voices were heard and are hopeful changes are on the way. The opposition to the project says, Toll Brothers are looking at other options and that those options are in the hand of Penn State. These cottages would be spread out to basically those woods." As David Stone takes in the views he imagines what it will look like to have it all taken away. "There would be a big circle for the buses." These 46 acres of land are owned by Penn State, but could soon be handed over to the Toll Brothers. According to their website they are luxury home builders based out of Philadelphia and expanding into the market. They haven't returned our calls on what they are planning to build at the Ferguson Township site but the Nittany Valley Water Coalition believes the land has been illegally zoned. "There was a recommendation that it not be zoned for this purpose. A lot of people felt it was bad news. It sits over the water catchment area for some of the wells, not only that it is an extremely beautiful piece of property. It represents everything good about Central Pennsylvania." In early June the group set up camp on the site and said they would not leave until the Toll Brothers and Penn State could find somewhere else to build. "I think the entire group is horrified that Penn State would ever think to do what they are doing. This was the growth boundary. This was a beautiful tract of land. It should stay in farming. My personal notion is it would be a sensational place for Penn State to display sustainable farming." Penn State responded by posting no trespassing signs, eventually having police remove them from sight. Along the way the two sides did meet and the Nittany Valley Water Coalition says Toll Brothers have started a 60 day evaluation on another piece of land. "They have been wonderful and are doing due diligence to understand if this is economically viable. Also, as a company that wants to expand in this market they are doing all the things that a company should do. I am happy they said they wish they had conversations with us back in 2011, we also wish that." This is the new proposed site. While it is not nearly as large as the farmland it is a lot closer to the University Park Campus and not at economical risk. For the Toll Brothers to move here they need the approval of the board of trustees. They can agree to the land swap or ignore the fight for change. Penn State also would not go on camera, but issued this statement: "Penn State has no role in the use of the property and is not involved in the housing development. Penn State entered a binding agreement of sale based on the permitted use of property as set forth. To now extract the university from the sales agreement what mean substantial penalties." "Our group is willing to work hard to make this happen and we would much rather be in that positive place. We believe Penn State will ultimately do the right thing."