Penn State Blood Drive
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Penn State football has another big game this weekend as Lions travel to Michigan State, but the competition is also off the field as the two schools work to collect blood for the Red Cross. The 24th annual Penn State versus Michigan State blood donor challenge is in full swing. The challenge takes place through the American Red Cross on both campuses to see who can collect the most units of blood. "Hospitals need blood. There's patients that need blood every day." The competition will last three weeks. "It benefits everybody." This year, the timing of the competition corresponds with the Penn State and Michigan State football game on Saturday. "The fact this transition to michigan state within the Big Ten is a good thing. We have to win this. We have to win the game on saturday, but we have to win this blood thing, too. This shows the spirit our students have and people our Penn Stater's have and that's important." The big game is four days away. "Penn State won 15 times the last 24-years. Michigan State won eight. And we won the last two years. We're winning so we need to win again this year." Each pint of blood has the potential to save three lives. "The community is rallying behind the team and this challenge. We're doing a lot of good, win or lose with the challenge. So we just appreciate the Penn State community's help." The event is from now until November 16th. All are welcome to donate.