Lions Pantry
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Students at Penn State are promoting a food bank call Lions Pantry to help students in need need. Students at Penn State are hoping to spread awareness about a new on campus food pantry. The Lions Pantry was designed to help Penn State students facing food or financial security. "They don't know what the Lions Pantry is or food and security is, so I think it's going to raise awareness about the issue that is on campus." The organization was founded in 2014 by a group of Penn State students. The pantry is operated by students for other Penn State students. But with the cost of education rising, some students just learning about the program feel a sense of comfort that the organization is here to help. "We have a pantry near our house so it really impacts, so I figured that's going to be the same here so it's awesome. We support each other, we're like a big family." The event included food, giveaways, a dee jay and student performances. More students hope the students use the facility. "A school this size, it's easy to miss the kids that are struggling and having food insecurities. We're 46,000 strong just here alone so people who come here don't think it's an issue, but opening the pantry, it gives that kind of outlet for those students to have." If you need assistance or would like to volunteer, the office hours are on Tuesdays and Fridays, they hope to extend those hours and collaborate with others for future food drives.