Penn State Greek Life
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It has been 2 1/2 months since new stricter regulations have been put into place at Penn State since the hazing death of Timothy Piazza. "As president of Penn State I am resolved to turn the pain and anguish that is radiating through our community into decisive action and reform." On June 2nd Penn State announced actions to drastically change Greek Life on campus. They were forbidding social events that had alcohol and they wanted response teams hired. "People acted like their social life is over but it's not . It is all about people being safe." "I think Greek Life has not stopped doing things they are doing as far as parties and things. Certainly more underground parties. Last year people would be standing outside the house and now it is more secretive." Many friends hide their alcohol in bedrooms. If you look at Snapchat over the weekend it's clear they are in a fraternity house, so it's not as secret as people think it is. These changes were put in place for the start of the Fall 2017 semester. Already three fraternities, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Upsilon, and Pi Lambda Pi, have lost recognition by the university for alleged alcohol violations. And they join nine other fraternities that have lost recognition from the university or their oversight groups for offenses within the last three years. "We do fundraisers, we give kids a sense of community as well. It is sad that the president only sees the negative things and completely trying to get them off campus." Others including members of the board of trustees, say it is important to change the culture on campus no matter the cost. "I think it is imperative that we just don't sit back and do nothing, it's failed, the system that exists has failed."