Election Day Help
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A couple of Bellefonte Area High School students had a chance to step out of the classroom Today and see what an election is all about. Even though many of them aren't old enough to vote yet, over 80 students from Bellefonte Area High School have decided to make their mark in this year's election. "Thanks for voting." High school students voluntarily missed class this morning but were still up early ready to help out at voting polls. "I feel it's my civic duty as a student to help out and a make a difference." Students are needed because it's hard to find workers to do the work. "The school excuses them for these duties and the county is dependent on the the student to man the positions." The students worked all around Centre County helping as many voters at possible. "A lot of college students, so it's good to see a lot of young people getting involved." High school teacher Edward Fitzgerald said working at the polls ties into the curriculum. "I think it's important that the students learn of nuts and bolts of how an election actually runs. It's one thing to teach a theory. It's another thing to live through the practicality of it." And volunteering is so rewarding that some students come back after they graduate.