Local School Lockdowns
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The teachers in the California school shooting sprung into action to get the kids inside. According to police, none of the children were killed as the shooter fired at the walls and windows. We spoke to one local school district Today about its own protocols and emergency plans. They tell me they do have extensive plans but they also say this hits home for them because they are constantly watching other schools to see how they keep kids safe. "I have to say that, this incident as tragic as it is, could have been, so much worse if it wasn't for the quick thinking and staff that our elementary school did." Words Bill Pfeffer is thankful to hear he is the director of security and safety for the A.A.S.D. One of the biggest school districts in the area. He says this area is very fortunate when it comes to security and resources. Something many schools just don't have. "We monitor on the radios, we are in conjunction with the 911 Center, we are basically more to an advantage to people than most departments around schools. That is because we often times, will hear what is going on and we have an open line of communication with local law enforcement." To prepare he said they have active shooter drills. They lockdown the schools and dedicate months to make it seem real and prepare everyone for the worst. "In a case like this, first and foremost we would activate our emergency plan. We would activate our plan of action and coordinate with local law enforcement and go from there." The district can't reveal to everyone the exact plan or how they would take down the shooter. That would give the assailant the upper hand. He says everyone's reaction can be just as helpful to save lives. "It is easier said than done but if we do encounter that the best thing is to remain calm. Know that help is on the way, know that the professionals are trained to deal with this and do the best you can to remain calm." He says it all comes down to one goal. "You need to do what you have to do to stay alive and stay safe."