Recycle Art
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Today is American recycle day. Fifth graders have been creating special artwork expressing their thoughts. The top 15 artists showed off their projects. At this Weiss grocery store, young artists and their families in the snack aisles. 15 Fifth graders were being recognized. Their recycling posters being judged among the countries best entries. "I did this because I wanted to use recycled materials. I wanted to reflect that it is a recycling competition. This makes the world better." The poster contest began another big day for them. Back in September, they had International Literacy Day. "It talks about how you can recycle our books so that other people can use them. That way they don't go to some took a big approach to their presentation. "I like to reduce, reuse and recycle. I made a 3-d model on a box. I have four things you can see. This one is reading, this one is reusing, this one is reducing, and this one is recycling." Others made more instructional materials. "This girl isn't recycling and she is just throwing random bottles in the trash. The other girl is trying to stop it. And this way they can reduce and recycle. There are book pages been there too." These 15 winning posters will be recycled themselves into a wall calendar that will be given to all 5th graders county wide.