Local EMS Funding
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The Penn Valley Ambulance Service that provides medical services is facing some financial issues. Now they are trying to get down to the bottom of it. With no additional money, they said they won't be able to stay open. The service has been functioning since 1997. A public meeting will be held Tonight at 7 pm. A presentation on the service will be given followed by a discussion of the financial concerns that the organization is facing. Officials say almost 60 percent of its revenue comes from insurance reimbursements from ambulance runs the other funding isn't there so the service has to make changes and look at new options. Chief Jason Brooks mentioned maybe an option for a merge with another EMS company. This isn't the first time this has come to the table. Last month there was a meeting in hopes there would be a consensus between the five townships to fund EMS. "We will not have enough money to stay open longer than another year and a half. We are trying to find alternatives to provide ems to the residence of the Penn Valley area." "Those funding resources have dried up and volunteers of dried up. Now we are facing economic hardship." The chief says they originally had three ambulances were were forced to sell one due to the lack of resources. They have over 850 calls per year, they need a solution soon. Now they are ready to hear from the public.