Casino Opt Out's
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Communities are responding to the possibility of new casinos in their neighborhoods. In Centre County at least four municipalities are trying to band those casinos. The new state gambling law creates ten new sites statewide for it's term satellite casinos, smaller gambling venues with less slot machines and tables. Cities, town and municipalities do have the option to say no to new casinos but they need to do it within the next six weeks. "By the end of this year any community that does do not want a casino within the municipality must opt out." In Centre County, State College Borough Council and the Ferguson Twp. Supervisors are the latest expected to say no dice to new casinos. Patton and Harris Twp. Are also considering similar measures. Centre County commissioners are telling us it is strictly up to the individual municipalities. "The state put it on them, the local, local descision making at the municipal level, so we'll follow it and we'll see how it turns out." One state lawmaker is concerned about the possible impact. "When you look at the way they are adding 10 more casinos in the state and expanding online gaming. In reality and 18 year old high school student would be able to sit between classes or even in class and gamble, I don't think this is the way to go." The new law does call for a percentage of casino gambling revenue to be shared with the host municipality.