Conflict of Intrest
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Centre County District Attorney elect Bernie Cantorna announced Tuesday that he has asked the Attorney General's Office to take over the Beta Theta Pi case once he takes office. Cantorna said he sent the request due to a conflict of interests, as he has previously represented some of the defendants as a defense attorney in the past. "I must follow the ethics rules imposed on me and ensure the cases are not delayed. For these reasons, I am acting now, as opposed to after taking office Given that I will have no role in these cases, I have no further comment on the matters." "The Office of Attorney General will review Mr. Cantorna's claim of conflicts and will make a determination of his request after a careful analysis of the facts." Outgoing district attorney Stacy Parks Miller responded to Cantorna announcement in a more than two page response. In the statement, Parks Miller said she is astonished that Cantorna intends to offload the case. She made several points that Cantorna does not have grounds to recuse himself from the case and hand it over to the Attorney General's Office. "I am disappointed that, already, Mr. Cantorna has made statements that he is unwilling to make the tough choices and take in the tough cases and fight hard for the people of Centre County and those victims and their families hurt by crime here." "I will continue to everything in my power to continue to help the Piazza family and seek justice for Tim, in or out of this office." Parks Miller charged 12 additional Beta Theta Pi members earlier this month and refiled felony charges in October on the brothers who were originally charged in May in the death of pledge Timothy Piazza. The next scheduled hearing in that case is December 13. Parks Miller lost her bid for re election after Cantorna won the May primary. Cantorna is scheduled to assume his duties as Centre County district attorney December 29th. Cantorna has also asked the Attorney General's Office to take over the case involving Jalene McClure, a Centre County woman seeking a new trial on aggravated assault charges of an infant that stems from 2010. Cantorna was her acting attorney.