Toy Drive
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Since the shooting, residents of Osceola Mills and the surrounding area are doing all they can to help the family and victims involved. Less than a week after what the community calls a very sad incident, they decided to come together and take action for the victims family. "When we saw members of the community talking about coming together to do something for the family, we saw this was the perfect opportunity to get in and try to help the community." Jessica Schultz is the third woman injured in this shooting and she remains in the hospital. The community is working together to make sure her son Gavin has presents for Christmas. "We said we would take care of the toy drive and put the word out there and start accepting gifts." The reaction from the community has been overwhelming. As soon as the announcement was made, toys start rolling in the door. "The reaction of the community has been positive." People interested can drop off donations at Thunder Tats Studio in Phillipsburg. Everyone is encouraged to lend a helping hand. "I know a lot of people out there who would like to make a difference, and they just don't know how. Don't be afraid to step up and say I want to help. People all over the area have different kinds of issues going on. And again, we are all stronger if we support each other." The toy drive will be accepting gifts from anyone up until December 16th. They are also accepting gifts for Gavins mother Jessica.