New K-9 Officer
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The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office added a new K9 deputy to its ranks paid for entirely by community support. Following six weeks of training at Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville Deputy Sheriff Kyle Pisarcik said K-9 Iron's first day at the office was November 13th. "There's really no other dog in the local area besides the state police, It's one dog for a large area." Pisarcik said K-9 Iron's main duties will be drug detection, tracking and apprehension. The cost to get Iron was substantial. However, he was paid for entirely by donations from the community, county offices and T-shirt sales, totaling $40,000. The remaining money not spent on training and Iron will be used for his food, medical and other expenses. "There won't be any expense to the county that's the biggest thing we wanted to do was fund a dog without actually costing the taxpayers anything other than their contributions." Pisarcik said becoming a handler has been a great and humbling experience. As of Wednesday, Pisarcik said Iron hasn't had any calls yet, but knows he'll be ready when the come. The addition of K-9 Iron follows the retirement of K-9 Brett in 2013.